It’s time to talk about the future. No, not predicted trends or speculation on the next hot thing in banking (that’s for another article). It’s something a bit more concrete. And wood. And glass. And carpet...

What I’m trying to say is: WBA is remodeling!

It has been twenty years since we moved into our current building. During that time, your industry has transformed, your bank has evolved, and how you approach your role as a banker has changed as well. WBA is responding to your changing needs as well as to a changing marketplace.

Membership engagement is the key to everything we are doing so we can better serve and support Wisconsin’s banking industry.

WBA is your association, and by that extension, this is your facility. We are building an Engagement Center, which will play host to a variety of events. The Engagement Center is comprised of training and meeting rooms that will not only hold WBA and FIPCO events, but also be available for use by members (that’s you).

The Engagement Center will have two dedicated training rooms with the ability to hold 54 and 28 students, respectively. In addition, there will be a Board Room with video conferencing capabilities, and a conference room with a touchscreen smartboard.

All of these benefits are available for members to reserve. Need an offsite location for a strategic meeting? We’ve got you covered.  Want to hold a remote staff meeting using the latest presentation technology? It’s yours for the reserving.

In the central hub of the Engagement Center, visitors will be able to view the Wall of Excellence recognizing those who have been inducted into the WBA Leaders in Banking Excellence. The WBA Leaders in Banking Excellence honors current and former banking leaders who have helped shape their bank and/or our state’s banking industry. We created this honor to thank those who have paved the way to make our industry what it is today.

WBA staff will also be shaking up the way they work. New workstations, a new layout, and more collaborative space will be an exciting refresh so we can continue to serve you and be even more responsive to the ever-changing banking landscape.

Construction officially started on Monday, September 16, with some ceremonial wall smashing done by a group of WBA Inc. Employees. The work is being completed on the Engagement Center and Kitchen, which will be ready by February for the first event scheduled in the new space. Construction will continue after the opening of the Engagement Cent and the full office will be ready in the spring.

In the meantime, WBA staff have been working in the areas of the building not currently under construction and are excited to welcome you to our new space designed with the whole membership in mind.