A child’s vision may change over the course of a vision plan year. In most cases, allowances for new frames are provided every 24 months so out-of-pocket expenses could really add up when costs for an additional exam, lenses and frames are considered.

This member-focused program, the first of a kind provided by a vision carrier, was designed to eliminate cost prohibitions and help children succeed academically and better perform athletically – all with clearer vision. With the UnitedHealthcare Children’s Eye Care Program, offered at no additional premium cost, children up to 13 years of age can receive a second annual covered eye exam and a new pair of glasses (lenses and frames) if their prescription changes 0.5 diopter or greater. Standard copays apply after allowances and discounts have been utilized.*

In addition to the enhanced pediatric coverage, all ages can benefit from a vision plan by UnitedHealthcare. Members have access to a large network of eye-health providers, coverage includes integrated services that check for serious medical conditions, and there are various private and retail providers to select from for treatment options and eyewear purchases.

For more information, please contact: 

WBA Employee Benefits Corporation (EBC)
Brian Siegenthaler, 608-441-1211

Shannon O'Brien, 414-443-4714

*Standard competitor pediatric vision care coverage requires policyholders to be responsible for the full retail cost after allowances and discounts have been utilized when additional exams, lenses and frames are needed.