Time Federal Savings Bank is pleased to contribute $10,000 to the Clark County Community Foundation Inc. and their Clark County Fairground Improvement Project. The project will include the construction of a new Multi-purpose Livestock Building and Multi-purpose Event Center. These facilities will be available year-round for a variety of purposes.

Currently, the Fairgrounds Revitalization Project needs about $61,000 to meet the Anonymous Donor’s challenge at which time they will contribute $100,000 to the Project. An additional $15,000 is then needed to reach the final Project Goal of $465,000 from fundraising efforts with a 100% match by Clark County – Forestry & Parks Department Fairgrounds Budget – bringing the total Project in at $930,000.

Rick Dailey, Administrator for Clark County Forestry & Parks Department, states, “On behalf of the Clark County Forestry and Parks Committee and all stakeholders of the Clark County Fairgrounds, I would like to thank Time Federal Savings Bank for the generous donation toward construction of a new Multipurpose Livestock Barn. This donation will help ensure the future of the Fairgrounds and provide a lasting positive impact on the community. This truly is a community-based project and we are honored that Time Federal Savings Bank has chosen to support this project.”

Linda Susa, Vice President, Retail Coordinator of Time Federal Savings Bank in Owen states, “The new buildings are a welcomed addition to the Clark County Fairgrounds and will offer the ability to host events and meet community needs while bringing local people and visitors together.”

Lana Peterson, Marshfield Mortgage Loan Originator at Time Federal Savings Bank in Marshfield states, “The Fairgrounds improvement project will greatly impact our community and we are happy to contribute to the fundraising efforts.”

If you are interested in donating, please contact Rick Dailey, Administrator, Clark County Forestry & Parks Department at 715-743-5142.

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