Show Them You're a Leader - Become an Advocacy Officer 

You love banking. You want to make a difference at your bank, in your industry, and in your community. You want to be seen as a leader by your peers and influence the future of Wisconsin banking. 

You're the perfect candidate to become a WBA Advocacy Officer. 

An Advocacy Officer is seen by their co-workers and peers as a leader in the industry. These are the people who contribute in a very meaningful way to their bank and the banking industry. 

So, what does an Advocacy Officer do? As the volunteer Advocacy Officer at your bank, you will coordinate regulatory, legislative, and community advocacy efforts at your bank. You'll work with Wisconsin Bankers Association (WBA) staff, other bankers, state, local, and federal levels lawmakers and staff, state and federal regulators, and other state or national trade groups.

As an Advocacy Officer, you will provide input and take action on legislative and regulatory policy items as well as give strategic direction and assistance to the WBA Government Relations Committee. This is where the rubber hits the road in terms of how policy is set and how it affects banking in the Badger State.

The best part is that Advocacy Officers don't do all of this on their own. As part of this specialized group, you will network with other Advocacy Officers and those who are helping set the rules for bankers to gain support for changes that will benefit the entire industry. The best part is the WBA will work with you every step of the way with a variety of resources dedicated to help you be as successful as you can be. 

Want to know more about the Advocacy Officer role? Or better yet, how to become an Advocacy Officer? Contact WBA's Mike Semmann at 608-441-1206 or

WBA Advocacy Report
Advocacy Officers receive an Advocacy Report in their inbox every Friday. It's a quick briefing on the highlights of current advocacy news. It also links you to the latest Advocacy Worksheet* (example below) providing a deeper dive into any of the advocacy issues that are critical to Wisconsin's banking industry.

*Abbreviated version of the Issue Tracking tab, part of the Advocacy Worksheet Tool available to Advocacy Officers.


Why Become an Advocacy Officer?

  • Development. You will grow your ability to innovate and make a positive impact on the direction of the banking industry.
  • Opportunity. You'll be given the chance to facilitate statutory or regulatory changes that will benefit your bank and the banking industry.
  • Leadership. Others in your bank will see you as a leader because of your increasing awareness regarding banking-related issues.
  • Visibility. Policymakers at every level of government will hear your voice and your opinions.
  • Impact. You will make a real difference in the lives of Wisconsin bankers and the communities you serve.

What are the Main Expectations of an Advocacy Officer?

  • Keep informed of legislative and governmental issues that impact both the bank and the banking industry.
  • Communicate quarterly (optimally) with the bank's board of directors and officers on state, local, and national issues impacting the industry.
  • Coordinate at least one "Take Your Legislator to Work" event annually.
  • Participate in the annual Capitol Day hosted by the Wisconsin Bankers Association.
  • Coordinate annual fundraising activities for the WBA's ABW and Wisbank PAC for the bank's Board of Directors, Officers, and Employees.
  • Contact both state and federal legislators on emerging issues and encourage other bank personnel to do the same.
  • Be the liaison within the bank for communication of WBA advocacy actions and initiatives to bank officers and board. Any other duties as assigned by the bank president/CEO.