On Feb. 27 the OCC announced a temporary suspension of its email subscription services, effective Feb. 28 and extending until late May at the earliest and possibly until the end of June. In its announcement, the agency cites "upgrades" as the reason for the suspension. In the interim, the OCC has requested banks to monitor the agency's website for updates. WBA was unable to reach the OCC for further comment.

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Read the OCC announcement below: 
Effective February 28, 2020, the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency will temporarily suspend its email subscription service while upgrades are being made. The agency expects the service to be restored in 90-120 days. At that time, the agency will send you another message indicating the email subscription service has been restored.

Please visit our website at http://occ.gov and follow us on social media including Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and YouTube to stay up to date on news and information regarding the OCC, including updates Community Affairs, news, bulletins, alerts, and banker education opportunities.

Thank you for your patience as the agency upgrades its email subscription update program.