WBA has invested in transforming its current building into a modern Engagement Center, with the first group of bankers arriving on Monday. As part of this ongoing remodel project, WBA donated a large number of office supplies, office furniture, and other items to charitable organizations (some being donated via member banks, others by WBA staff). The furniture that didn’t find a new home was removed by an organization that diverts 99% of what they remove away from landfills. In addition, all of the cabinets and trim removed from the building are being re-used. 

One organization that received furniture and supplies is the Colonial Club, a senior activity center in Sun Prairie dedicated to enhancing the well-being and independence of older adults. In late January, WBA received a thank-you note from the club and photos of some of the donated items in use. The bulletin board is used to post all upcoming activities and the bookshelf, binders, and document trays are already nearly full!  

Donated bulletin board in use Donated bookshelf, document trays, and binders in use

The remodel project reaches a pivotal milestone on Monday, Feb. 17: the first WBA member guests arrive! A group of 35 bankers will cross the threshold of the new Engagement Center for the week-long Residential Mortgage Lending School, the first of dozens of events for WBA members already scheduled in the new space.  

On Wednesday, Feb. 12, WBA staff gathered in the Engagement Center’s largest training room for the first All Staff meeting in a completely remodeled space. WBA President and CEO Rose Oswald Poels updated staff on the construction progress and re-emphasized the importance of the project. “This renovation is about looking forward, for WBA and Wisconsin’s banking industry,” she said. The goal of the new space is to create a tangible experience of the connection between members and their association. 

Interested in the new space? The following events are open for registration: 

Commercial Lending School | Feb. 24-28
Credit Analysis Boot Camp | March 5-6
Loan Compliance School | March 9-13
Real Estate Compliance School | March 11-13
Ag Problem Loan Workshop | March 10
Advanced IRA Workshop | March 18
Call Report Update & Review Workshop | March 24
HSA Workshop | April 8
Branch Manager Boot Camp | April 14-15, May 19-20
Cash Management Workshop | April 29
ERM Workshop | April 30
Consumer Lending Boot Camp | May 4-5
Compliance Management School | May 5-7
FIPCO Deposit Software Forum | May 7
School of Bank Management | May 11-15

And that’s only the next few months!

Want a tour but can’t make it to one of the above professional development events? Stay tuned! WBA will be hosting an open house for all members once the renovation project is fully complete (early summer 2020).  

In the meantime, visit www.wisbank.com/wba-office-remodel for before and after photos of the demolition and construction.