WBA recently met with FDIC’s Regional Ombudsman, Daniel Marcotte, to discuss issues relevant to WBA members. Present at the meeting were WBA’s Rose Oswald Poels, Daryll Lund, Mike Semmann, Heather MacKinnon, and Scott Birrenkott. The group discussed topics including compliance issues and FDIC internal policy. Marcotte opened the conversation with his goals for non-retaliatory policies. He encouraged open communication between FDIC, Wisconsin banks, and examiners when issues arise.  

WBA presented concerns regarding recently proposed revisions to the Community Reinvestment Act and FDIC’s brokered deposits restrictions. Marcotte encouraged Wisconsin banks to submit comments on both proposals and remain communicative with FDIC throughout the process. The group also discussed the impact of mergers and acquisitions and the continued delay of CECL’s effective date. 

WBA also presented concerns over potentially vindictive examinations, where banks have been targeted with a “gotcha” mentality. The group discussed the continued inflation of Wisconsin flood violations as an example.  

As a reminder, bankers who have concerns or questions about the FDIC or a recent exam are encouraged to speak with the Ombudsman’s office. Marcotte can be reached at 312-382-6908 or via email

Contact WBA’s Scott Birrenkott at sbirrenkott@wisbank.com with questions or concerns related to the updated CRA proposal and/or FDIC’s brokered deposit rules.