WBA monitored over 200 new bills during the last few weeks on your behalf. Legislators are furiously introducing and trying to pass legislation before the end of the session. 

While Gov. Tony Evers signed over 60 bills into law on Tues., March 3, here’s a list of the 10 you should know about. After the session is over, keep your eyes open for WBA’s Legislative Wrap Up. We’ll explain what happened during the session and what you need to know going forward.


SB-368 Money Laundering (Fitzgerald, Scott) Money laundering and providing a penalty. Signed (Act 161) 

AB-293 Notaries Public (Ballweg, Joan) Online notaries public and electronic notarizations, granting rule-making authority, and providing a penalty. Signed (Act 125) 

AB-310 Levy Limit (Novak, Todd) Holding a referendum to increase a political subdivision's levy limit. Signed (Act 126) 

AB-327 Property Interests (Ballweg, Joan) Obtaining evidence of the termination of certain property interests of a decedent. Signed (Act 127) 

AB-532 Income Tax Benefit (VanderMeer, Nancy) Income and franchise tax benefit for investment in Wisconsin opportunity zones and providing a penalty. Signed (Act 136) 

SB-091 Water Pollution Credits (Cowles, Rob) Buying and selling water pollution credits through a central clearinghouse. Signed (Act 151) 

SB-351 Sales Tax Exemption (Marklein, Howard) A sales tax exemption for tangible personal property temporarily stored in this state. Signed (Act 181) 

SB-369 FEMA Payments (Marklein, Howard) Federal emergency management assistance payments to municipalities. Signed (Act 159) 

SB-387 Crop Insurance Proceeds (Marklein, Howard) Including crop insurance proceeds in the manufacturing and agricultural tax credit. Signed (Act 167) 

SB-637 Buildings in Floodplain (Marklein, Howard) The regulation of nonconforming buildings in a floodplain. Signed (Act 175)