Have an influx of loan applications and need to get your new commercial lenders up to speed quickly? Leverage your WBA membership to access all the education and training you need, specifically geared toward business lenders!

Training Available TODAY:

Your WBA membership gives you access to hundreds of self-paced online courses through the ABA education portal. (Click here to open the portal. Select “Member” to view all options.) Expand the “Business Banking and Commercial Lending” portion to display the courses relevant to business bankers – with options for both new and experienced staff. Areas of training include:

  • Fundamentals of Small Business Banking
  • Growing Small Business Relationships Suite
  • Introduction to Analyzing Financial Statements
  • Small Business Basics
  • Small Business Operating and Life Cycle
  • And 100+ other topics!

Upcoming Virtual Training:

April 20 | Cool Bankers Academy - Virtual Training to Help Bankers Master Sales: This training series was created by a banker, for bankers. Through this series, you will improve your bank sales technique and networking abilities. Now is the time concentrate on thinking outside of the box and being the go-to banker for local businesses. Sessions begin the week of April 20.

May 12, 1:30 – 3:30 p.m. | Understanding Commercial Real Estate Loan Documents: Developed by a lawyer who has been teaching loan documentation for more than 25 years, this webinar is taught at a basic level (for bankers, not lawyers). The instructor will lead participants through all sections of the various required real estate loan documents. The purpose is to create a deeper understanding of why certain documents are required, plus the significance of various sections and verbose language (often referred to as “boilerplate”). Being able to explain document content will add much to customer relationships.

April 20, 1:30 – 3:30 p.m. | Key Ratio Analysis: Ratios, ratios, and more ratios! What do they really mean? Many financial professionals including bankers use financial ratios on a regular basis. But do they always use the same ratios and more importantly, do they always interpret the ratios in the same manner? Attend this proactive webinar and learn a “five-step” analysis plan to calculate the key ratios covering liquidity, activity, leverage, operating performance, and cash flow analysis and correctly interpret the financial condition of the business client.

May 12, 10:00 – 11:30 a.m. | Commercial and Industrial Lending in Today's Competitive Market: This seminar will begin with a brief overview of Commercial and Industrial (C&I) loan products including working capital lines of credit, ABL facilities, and equipment financing (loans/leases) and their typical structure. The training session will also cover underwriting C&I loans including accounts receivable assessment and the use of a Borrowing Base Certificate (basic and advanced models), the valuation and quality of inventory, and the analysis of various equipment-related issues in lending. This portion of the seminar will also cover the proper evaluation of the borrower’s financial statements.

See all upcoming webinars on WBA’s website by clicking here.

Upcoming In-Person Development:

Aug. 5-7 | Agricultural Lending School: This three-day school was developed as an intermediate-level school. Case studies, in-class work, class discussions, and a farm visit are all elements of this school. An optional pre-school workshop has been added on Aug. 4, 2020. This optional workshop is geared towards those ag lenders and credit analysts who would like to strengthen their foundational knowledge of ag financial statements, the 6 C’s of Credit and look at some initial ratios.

Sept. 9-11 | Introduction to Commercial Lending School: This three-day school curriculum is designed to provide bankers with a basic understanding of the principles and concepts of commercial lending. The curriculum covers over a dozen foundational commercial lending topics, including loan structuring and investigation, cash flow, commercial lending laws, and government programs, and culminates in a team case study to draw all elements of the curriculum together in a practical exercise.

For Experienced Staff: Certificates!

Support your more experienced staff by encouraging them to work towards a certificate! Staff can earn the following commercial lending certificates through online training:

  • Certificate in Business and Commercial Lending
  • Small Business Banker Certificate

Click here to see all available certificates.