Have you positioned your bank to be ready for the next big change in Wisconsin? Right now, there are over 120 key government officials gearing up for change. Will they support your bank and the Wisconsin banking industry? This potential for transformation demands united action.

In this unpredictable and important election year, WBA needs you to participate—before November —in a concerted effort as a united banking industry.

WBA has held a strong position amongst our peers in the past, yet in the last election cycle they caught up to us. Most concerning: measuring the average number of dollars contributed by banks versus credit unions, credit unions outraised the banking industry. It’s important industry remains engaged in the civic process!

WBA offers two avenues for defending Wisconsin’s banking industry:

1) Wisbankpac is WBA’s registered political action committee, and it supports candidates from both parties.
2) The Alliance of Bankers Political Conduit is like a personal political bank account from which a banker may direct contributions to the pro-banking candidates of that banker’s choice.

This fall Wisconsin have will elections for half of the state senate, the whole state assembly, and Wisconsin’s entire congressional delegation. Each of the individuals who will hold these offices will have a major impact—good or bad—on banks. You can be sure that groups opposing your bank will be working overtime to get their preferred candidates into office.

The industry has spent the last four months helping customers, but the industry can best serve its customers by also supporting and defending itself. WBA knows it can count on you, your directors, and your employees to help hit our 100% participation goal.

Whether it’s $10, $100, $1,000 or $10,000, contributions to WBA’s political action funds are investments in the future health and profitability of our industry and your bank.

Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact WBA EVP/COO Mike Semmann at 608-441-1206 or msemmann@wisbank.com. Thank you for your continued support of the WBA and WBA’s political action funds.

Semmann is WBA executive vice president and chief operations officer.