BSA is one of the few regulations where compliance is so critical it is classified as a “safety and soundness” issue. Your bank’s BSA Officer needs to stay up to date on the latest requirements and best practices. This requires an investment. The good news is, WBA offers a comprehensive and cost-effective training option for our member banks.  

1: We know that BSA/AML is too complex to squeeze everything you need to know into a half-day or hour-long webinar. That’s why our BSA/AML Workshop is a full-day events, now with virtual attendance options! 

2: We also know our member bankers are cost-conscious, which is why we’ve made every effort to keep our training programs affordable. Registration for our BSA Workshop, which addresses all key BSA reporting and recordkeeping responsibilities as well as the required elements of your AML program, is just $245 per person. 

3: We know that a convenient location is important, especially for smaller institutions that choose to send multiple attendees. That’s why WBA offers its flagship BSA/AML Workshop on three different dates in different locations across the state! 

Oct. 6 | Eau Claire 
Oct. 7 | Neenah
Oct. 8 | Madison

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Annual Training for the Branch: BSA, Identity Theft and Regs CC, D, E, & DD | July 8 
If you interface with customers, this webinar is for you. Besides providing updated information on numerous regulations, this program will fulfill many annual training requirements and provide best practices.

BSA: CIP and CDD Update | July 9 
Originally, you wrote your CIP in 2003. Is it time to change? If you have any of the questions below, we will explore changing your CIP in light of new systems, processes, and technology in 2020. Your program should shift with the new technologies and identifications in the marketplace. This program will look line-by-line at the regulation and point out avenues of change to explore in 2020. Register today!  

This year’s BSA/AML Workshop will cover the critical information you need in order to stay compliant, including:  

  • Currency Transaction Reports (CTR's)
  • Exemptions from CTR Filing
  • Record retention
  • 314(a) queries
  • 314(b) registration and information sharing
  • Suspicious Activity Reports (SAR's)
  • Customer Identification Programs (CIP)
  • Customer Due Diligence (CDD), including beneficial ownership
  • Enhanced Due Diligence (EDD)

Don’t miss out! Visit and click Register to sign up for the date and location of your choice.