EBC partners with Iowa Bankers Association to provide added value 

Later this year, EBC/WBA Trust bank customers will get to enjoy a brand-new, online system for streamlined insurance and human resources tasks. The online portal, accessible for WBA EBC members through a partnership with the Iowa Bankers Insurance and Services, will provide member banks with enhanced service, better transparency on costs and expenses, and member-driven control of enrollment/changes as well as the ability to better control administrative costs in the future. 

The WBA EBC Benefits Trust HR Portal, which will be found at www.wisbankins.com, is a gateway to online enrollment, invoice tools, an employee management system (for onboarding, editing, and terminating), document management (renewal paperwork, SPDs, SBCs), payments via ACH, employee self-service, group system billing, and more!   

This transition to an online system will benefit WBA EBC’s customers by facilitating fast, smooth, and consistent workflows to save you time and money. Bank HR professionals will now have more time to devote to the strategic initiatives that drive your institution's bottom line (ex: internal training programs, robust recruitment strategies, etc.), rather than to filing and documenting.  

To learn more about the new platform, please contact: 

Lund is WBA executive vice president – chief of staff and president of EBC and MBIS.