A GoBankingRates consumer survey in May 2010 found 88% of people do not plan on switching banks anytime soon, which means acquiring new customers is often expensive and time-consuming. If your bank has growth in the strategic plan, expanding your current customer relationships is the most cost-effective tactic. 

Referrals are a key ingredient for growing your wallet share. That’s why FIPCO has partnered with FinancialRefer to offer bank referral tracking and reporting software and help you grow a successful referral program.

This new tracking and reporting software allows you to:

Send Referrals Between Staff
The Referral Tracking system makes it easy to send and receive referrals between staff and departments in the financial institution

Increase Cross-Selling
Increase cross-selling opportunities by putting a formal referral system in place that shows staff referral results.

Track Referral Outcomes
By tracking the outcomes of referrals, you will understand the value of every referral and where to focus referral efforts.

Automate Referral Notifications
Automated referral alerts go out when a referral is received, statuses are updated, and referrals are closed.

Grow Deeper Relationships
FinancialRefer helps banks become the one-stop-shop for their customers’ banking needs.

Generate Referral Reports With One Click
No more using spreadsheets to track your referrals. FinancialRefer tracks everything automatically and makes it easy to run a report at any time.

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