WBA EBC, a wholly owned subsidiary of the Wisconsin Bankers Association, is proud to announce two premium credits through our carriers. Combined, these credits amount to nearly $170,000 for WBA member banks! 

WBA members should also know that these carriers are strong partners to the banking industry and both have adopted broad relief efforts to help their customers during this pandemic. The premium credits below are just one example of this stewardship. 

Delta Dental of Wisconsin 

As a result of COVID-19 and the limited access to routine dental care, with providers offering emergency-only services in most cases, Delta Dental announced they will be offering some relief to our members as follows: 

Credit details for group dental and members: 

  • Delta Dental will offer a 50% credit to April 2020 billed premiums. This is a one-time credit; there will be no retroactivity refunds reflected on future invoices. For example, if a client adds a new subscriber in June with an effective date of April 1, Delta Dental will not credit the premium for that subscriber back to the group for the month of April. 
  • This credit will be applied to the July billing statement. 
  • Delta’s premium credit is at group level and each employer may make a determination on how to handle this credit. 

The total amount credited to our WBA member banks is $134,000. Delta Dental has been a great partner with the WBA over the past 13 years and membership has grown to over 7,000 enrollees. 


As the global COVID-19 crisis continues to evolve, UnitedHealthcare remains committed to offering assistance and support to WBA EBC’s Association Health Plan (AHP) customers. 

As part of its COVID-19 premium forgiveness program, UnitedHealthcare will soon apply a one-time premium credit to the July invoice issued to our AHP members. This credit will be calculated based on a percentage of the individual bank’s May premium and applied to the July 2020 invoice automatically. 

The total amount credited to WBA member banks is around $35,000. UHC continues to be an excellent partner with WBA’s AHP program, which currently has 1,300 members enrolled. 

For more information, contact EBC’s Brian Siegenthaler at 608-441-1211 or bsiegenthaler@wisbank.com

Lund is WBA executive vice president – chief of staff and president of EBC and MBIS.