Bank Five Nine donated over $100,000 to 24 local non-profit organizations in the month of June. The organizations, ranging from education initiatives to health and human services, are spread throughout the bank’s four-county service area.

“We recognize that the past several months have been difficult for many organizations,” said Bank Five Nine President & CEO Mark W. Mohr. “Our bank’s mission is to Make Lives Better, and these donations represent a tangible way we’re living that mission.”

The recent donations are the latest example of the bank’s commitment to serving their local communities. The organization’s employees spend an average of 12,000 hours per year volunteering with local non-profits, and the bank has donated over $1 million over the last five years.

Earlier this year, Bank Five Nine supported their restaurant customers through their Fuel Our Front Line initiative. In just three days, from April 15-17, the bank infused $20,000 into local restaurants by ordering lunches from 18 restaurants and had the food delivered to 1,400 health care workers at 14 different hospitals and health care facilities. Each order included a $250 tip for restaurant staff.

“Strong community banks help build strong communities,” said Mohr. “We’re pleased to do our part to help those who most need it during difficult times.”

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