Sometimes, seeing is believing. That’s why FIPCO, a wholly owned WBA subsidiary, is offering free, personalized, one-on-one software demos of its newest products. Every financial institution should carve out time to take a guided tour of these cost-saving, efficiency-maximizing tools. Six unique webinar demos are available for you to choose from:  

1) Introduction and Brief Overview of Compliance Concierge Loan
This demo breaks down the loan module of FIPCO’s flagship product, Compliance Concierge, into smaller pieces for you to explore. The demo is segmented by product line, such as commercial and ag loans, consumer and HELOC loans, and also in-house real estate.  

2) BankBright
Your digital banking channels have never been more important. BankBright will improve your customers’ digital experience with its three applications: digital lending, digital deposit account opening, and internal tracking. The software guides your customers through every step of the way and automagically collects data for you to use later, keeping a pipeline of opportunities for new accounts and cross-selling at your staff’s fingertips! It can also send your customers a reminder to continue filling out their application where they left off.  

3) FinancialRefer
If your bank has growth in the strategic plan, expanding your current customer relationships is the most cost-effective tactic. Referrals are a key ingredient for growing your wallet share. FinancialRefer offers banks referral tracking and reporting software that help you grow a successful referral program. The software’s capabilities include sending referrals between staff, increasing cross-selling, tracking referral outcomes, automating referral notifications, growing deeper client relationships, and generating referral reports with a single click.  

4) Ari
Automated Relationship Intelligence (Ari) strengthens relationships through technology. This customizable and intelligent application software is flexible enough to meet the needs of both your customers and your employees. Through interactive technology, Ari breaks down silos and allows customers to explore all of your products and offerings. Ari ensures a consistent customer experience, creates efficient workflows for staff, includes easy application tracking for Reg B, reduces risk of human error, and eliminates the need to have specialists at every location. 

5) ABS BankManager
With American Bank Systems (ABS) BankManager, your institution will save the immense time and space previously consumed by paper documentation. BankManager is ideal software for streamlining the entire loan supervision process and provides state-of-the-art document tracking and loan management. With no manual setup or data entry, you can eliminate the need to search for misfiled documents. BankManager seamlessly integrates with bank core systems to provide comprehensive document tracking, centralized credit function, and instant document access from any authorized computer. 

6) ABS CompliancePro
CompliancePro is a comprehensive browser-based compliance risk management system which integrates risk assessment and compliance monitoring procedures. It is designed to meet regulatory mandates to identify, measure, monitor, and control compliance risk. Features include a risk assessment module that calculates residual risk through documented analysis and assessment of inherent risks and associated internal controls for each product/service within each line of business, action plans to reduce risk, four compliance libraries, and a database of over 14,000 monitoring procedures mirroring regulatory examination procedures to assess compliance with federal consumer regulations, agency guidance, and industry best practices.  

See how FIPCO software will make your workflows more efficient for your bank and satisfying for your customers. Contact or 1-800-722-3498 (option 5) to schedule a personalized, one-on-one software demo.