Fox Valley Savings Bank (FVSBank) announces two employee changes.

“We are pleased to announce two well-deserved promotions that ensure our customers continue to have a great banking experience at FVSBank,” said FVSBank President and CEO Steve Schmudlach.

“These promotions position FVSBank to remain a strong community partner for years to come. FVSBank has grown significantly and is offering additional services to help our community and customers. These executive level leadership promotions reflect FVSBank’s ability to successfully propel our Bank in an ever-changing era.”

Angela Boehning has been promoted to vice president, human resources. Angela will continue to oversee all employee relations and benefits as well as providing invaluable strategic guidance.

Kelly Collien has been promoted to assistant vice president, retail banking. Kelly’s dedication to the customer experience and creating a positive culture for the retail banking team continues to enhance FVSBank’s engagement strategy.

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