As a community financial institution, Security Financial Bank (SFB) believes it has a responsibility to educate the community on potential scams, fraud, and identity theft.

A significant part of our mission is to invest in the communities we serve. One way we do that is by sharing our knowledge and experience with others so they may avoid becoming a victim of financial fraud.

For the last few years, I have teamed up with my coworker Faye Owen, SFB’s security officer, to present our Scams, Fraud and Identify Theft seminar to clients and area community members. Our presentation focuses on current frauds and scams happening in the area. The attendees are made aware of common signs to watch for, how to protect themselves, and what to do should they become a victim.

We both have been in banking for more than 30 years, and we enjoy educating others in the hopes of protecting consumers from the growing cases of scams and fraud occurring today.

Faye and I encourage those that attend to share what they learn with their friends and families. We also encourage attendees to use their local bankers as a resource whenever they have questions or are unsure of a financial issue.

Recently, we presented the session to the Buffalo – Pepin Elder Adult at Risk Interdisciplinary Team (I-Team), which is an interdisciplinary team of professionals within Buffalo and Pepin Counties whose goal is to bring attention to and prevent the abuse of elder adults at risk.

Chelsey Herod, a social worker for Buffalo County and coordinator of the meeting, noted that Security Financial Bank is clearly passionate about protecting the identities and assets of the older adults they serve.

“Given their work on the front lines, they are knowledgeable of even the newest scams and fraud tactics,” Herod said. “It’s a relief to know that we have such dedicated professionals working to promote safety and knowledge in our community!”

SFB is a locally owned community bank with locations in Bloomer, Durand, Eau Claire, Ladysmith, and River Falls and has enjoyed serving the community for the last 85 years.

Sinz is retail banking manager at Security Financial Bank, Durand.