The pandemic changed everything... and some things changed for the better. 

One of the most valuable aspects of any professional event is the opportunity to grow and enhance one’s network. Whether it’s a multi-day conference with hundreds of attendees or a half-day workshop with 35 classmates, connecting with bankers who share similar challenges and responsibilities is a huge part of an event’s ROI. 

Today, that same value happens online during virtual events. Attending a digital conference is a new experience for many of us, but offers many new benefits, too. Virtual events: 

  • Expand your network. Without travel costs, attendees can be from literally anywhere the internet is. You can pick the brain of a banker who shares your role and works for an institution with the same asset size and general market focus (commercial, mortgage, ag, etc.), but that serves an entirely separate geographic footprint. 
  • Lower your training costs. Several upcoming WBA virtual events are structured to help our members train staff and provide professional growth opportunities at extremely low cost. Purchase a single connection for your bank and register up to 99 additional attendees for free
  • Learn on your own time. All the speaker sessions, materials, and other conference content will be available, on demand, for a few weeks after the conference ends. So, even if you can’t attend the live conference, you can still benefit from the event. 

Have questions about how to attend? Contact the WBA Education team at or 608-441-1200. 

Upcoming virtual events from WBA*:

*Registration pricing options may vary.