Ben Pankonin, co-founder and CEO of Social Assurance, is on a mission to help banking leaders understand the foundations of relationships and trust. This year has thrown everyone for a loop and demonstrates the importance of building trust with your customers and community.

In his upcoming November LEAD360 session, Ben will highlight how to capture and share the stories of the heroes in your bank. In anticipation of his session, here are some insights on how banks have been sparking real change and making a difference in 2020.

Give Back at a Distance

While volunteering opportunities don’t look the same, this doesn’t mean that support for nonprofits has stopped. Service opportunities are available by embracing new forms of volunteerism. Virtualize your events with online awareness, drive-ups or social media contests. Those who aren’t able to break quarantine will appreciate the opportunity to be involved. To see how this looks in practice, here are some ideas:

  • Host a food bank “drive-up” encouraging customers to drop off cans and items at their local branch.
  • Launch a charity comment campaign on social media donating to a local charity for every like.

Pro Tip
While volunteerism and donations are great internal efforts for a financial organization, take it a step further by encouraging community participation. Share a post about nonprofits in need or upcoming events to help raise public awareness and involvement.

Look Internally

You already know that your employees are rock stars in the community – highlight and support their on-going efforts! Learn more about the causes and initiatives that your team is passionate about as they can provide key insight to critical community needs and identify how your institution can help.

Pro Tip
Highlight employee efforts and the time they invest in local organizations on your social channels. They deserve to be recognized and could also provide a spark in your community.

Support Local Efforts

Locally owned businesses play a vital role in making the fabric of communities unique. They not only provide the bedrock of financial support, but they also are commonly run by people you know. The local restaurant owner provides local jobs while also helping out as a little league coach. Many of these businesses have been hit hard this year, so causes to provide assistance are needed now more than ever.

Pro Tip
Highlight local businesses on your social pages to spread awareness and drive engagement to their brands. People may not know a shop has reopened or that new hours are available. Using your platform to give local businesses a voice is one of the best ways to spark your community.

Ready to Learn More?

Despite the uncertainty of this year, one thing remains clear: financial institutions lead the charge in helping their communities. We look forward to sharing how you can create messaging that shares your impact to partners in your community.

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