Waukesha State Bank is pleased to announce that Lisa Persohn, vice president – director of wealth management and trust operations, graduated from the Cannon Financial School on Trust Audit, Compliance and Risk Management and earned her Certified Fiduciary and Investment Risk Specialist® (CFIRS) certification.

“Lisa’s CFIRS® certification and Cannon Financial Institute Honor Graduate status show her ongoing commitment to personal and professional excellence, as well as a desire to remain on the leading edge of the financial services industry,” stated Victor J. Schultz, President of Waukesha State Bank Wealth Management.

CFI’s Trust Audit, Compliance and Risk Management School is a three-year school, consisting of 38 hours of classroom instruction each year. Diplomas are awarded upon completion of the entire sequence. Additionally, Persohn successfully completed the Trust Audit, Compliance and Risk Management School with the Honor Graduate designation, Cannon’s highest academic distinction. This award is given to those students who complete each level of the course with a 90 or above on each of the comprehensive exams given at the conclusion of each class.

Cannon is a 50-year-old financial training institution that offers a three-year General Trust School and over 52 specialized schools and seminars for the financial services industry. Over several hundred students attended these sessions, which are offered at four locations around the country. Over the years, Cannon Financial Institute has earned a national reputation for setting the benchmark in practical and relevant training for the financial services industry.

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