In late November 1995, Jim Tubbs joined State Bank of Cross Plains (SBCP) as a commercial lender, becoming the bank’s 77th employee. Tubbs celebrates 25 years at SBCP, which has grown to 265 people throughout southern Wisconsin.
“To dedicate yourself to a company for 25+ years requires some level of loyalty on the part of both the organization and the person,” says SBCP Senior Vice President-Human Resources Kari Davis. “At that point, it’s not really just a job anymore; it’s a career. It’s a huge part of who you are.”
A lot has changed in that time frame for both the bank and its leader, including:

  • In 1995, SBCP had just expanded to 4 locations. Now the bank has 15 locations spread across three counties.
  • 25 years ago, banks were all about teller lines inside lobbies, ATMs were just starting to gain popularity, and most currency was handled by paper check. There were no debit cards. Today, plastic is the most common way to spend money and digital is gaining ground fast as people do their banking online or using an app on their smartphones.
  • State Bank of Cross Plains has grown from $140 million in assets back then to $1.5 billion now.
  • From a personal standpoint, Tubbs and his wife will celebrate 20 years of marriage this year. Together, they are raising five children, including two sets of twins.

Not all the changes over the years have been positive or easy, however. Tubbs was tapped to become the bank’s president and CEO almost 10 years ago during the housing market crash and resulting recession. He responded by implementing and personally investing in an innovative and incredibly successful Employee Stock Ownership Plan.
“When times are good, anybody can lead,” Davis explains. “One of the things that makes Jim a great leader is the way he handles the tough times. He has a way of being so open and transparent and authentic that everyone else follows his lead automatically. You know you can ask any question, and he will answer it honestly and completely. It helps instill a lot of confidence in each other as a team.”

Funny enough, Tubbs had to be reminded it was his 25-year anniversary at the bank. His response? “I guess time flies when you’re having fun with people who are like family!”