Effective Jan. 4, 2021, Cornerstone Community Bank will implement a new domain “CornerstoneCommunity.bank” for its internet operations. The .bank environment is exclusive to the banking industry making it a more secure internet domain. The strict controls in place help mitigate cybersecurity risk and allow Cornerstone Community Bank to better protect its customers.

"Anyone can purchase a .com domain,” explained Cornerstone Community Bank President Paul Foy. “To obtain a .bank domain you have to be a bank and undergo extensive verification. Switching to this new domain enables us to build a high-trust environment for our customers, as well as to provide a more secure domain to better protect them against cybercrime attacks."

According to Foy, customers will easily, and immediately, be able to identify whether an email or website belongs to the bank. This is important now more than ever due to an increase in online banking and also email-based cyberattacks due to the pandemic. While the new domain will take effect in January, controls are in place forwarding anyone using BankWithCornerstone.com directly to the Cornerstone website and emails.