Bank Five Nine President and CEO, Mark W. Mohr, presented five employees with President’s Awards, recognizing their accomplishments in 2020.

Leader in Customer Service

This year’s Leader in Customer Service is Gale Zastrow. Zastrow has been expertly providing distinctive customer service for years. She works with many of our bank’s top customers, who trust her implicitly with their financial needs. She is responsive, has a contagious, giving and positive attitude, and always does what is best for her customers. Beyond her work in our building, she is an active member in the Downtown Oconomowoc Business Association, and volunteers at many of their events.

Leader in Community Service

This year’s Leader in Community Service is Cheryl Johnson. Community service has never been more challenging, and more needed, than in 2020. Johnson has been volunteering with the Lake Mills Aztalan Historical Village for years. In fact, over the last five years she’s volunteered nearly 3,100 hours to this worthy organization. The Lake Mills Aztalan Historical Village is dedicated to the preservation and education of local pioneer and ancient Native American history.

Excellence in Mentorship

This year’s Excellence in Mentorship Award goes to Melissa Weiland. Weiland mentors many employees within the retail banking team. She onboards any new CSMs, working with each of them individually and within a group setting to ensure they have the knowledge and tools they need to be successful within their position. She is flexible with her schedule, and is ready to assist at any branch when needed.

Rising Star

This year’s Rising Star is Jenna Hutts. It is safe to say that without Hutts, Bank Five Nine would look very different today. Her colleagues look to her for direction and guidance when using the new brand, and the look she has created has elevated our visibility in the market. In a crowded bank marketplace, she has assisted in creating a brand for our organization that truly stands out. Her color choices are bold but appropriate, and the look has been complimented by employees and customers alike.

Financial Achievement

This year’s winner of the Financial Achievement President’s Award is Tom Stapleton. Stapleton leads the team responsible for originating SBA 504 loans. Under his leadership, our 504 loan program has grown exponentially placing Bank Five Nine as a top 10 producer of SBA 504 loans in the entire country. In just three short years, Bank Five Nine has developed a national reputation as a leader in this program. In addition to his financial achievements, this person is highly respected by his peers and is seen as a mentor by many on his team.