Yesterday, March 15, the state Department of Health Services (DHS) opened up a process for vaccinators to request a dedicated vaccine supply for employer-based closed clinics. The vaccinator will need to submit information, such as the location, timeframe, and number of doses, to seek approval from DHS.   

If your bank is interested in hosting an on-site clinic, requests for the week of March 29 and April 5 are due already on Wednesday, March 17. They will take requests again in early April for the following two weeks. You will need to reach out to potential vaccinators to begin coordinating the request with them. Reaching out to vaccinators as soon as possible is strongly advised. Their request must be into DHS by tomorrow. You can find a list of vaccine providers here.   

This information is followed by the recent announcement that all those who request vaccination in Wisconsin will likely be able to receive their first dose by May of this year. As the number of available vaccines increases in Wisconsin, vaccination clinic scheduling has also increased to accommodate more eligible individuals recently approved by WDHS for vaccination.  

The current round of eligible recipients includes some public-facing essential workers such as utility and communications workers, public transit workers, food supply chain workers such as farmers, grocers, and restaurant employees, education and childcare workers, adults ages 65 and older, frontline health workers, and more.    

In two weeks, beginning on March 29, individuals 16 and older considered to be at a greater risk of severe infection for the virus will be eligible for vaccination. An extended list of people with certain medical conditions become eligible the same day. Eligibility is not limited to an employer’s scheduling and those who are able to receive the vaccine may do so at a variety of pharmacies. A full list of eligible groups and more information can be found on the Wisconsin DHS website. An FAQ on vaccines is available and more information can be requested from SSM Health here.  

On Thursday, March 25 from Noon - 1:30 p.m., WBA will also be hosting Coronavirus Management Series: Vaccinations & Beyond, a free webinar detailing the current status of the COVID-19 Pandemic. The webinar will be recorded and available to the membership following the live webinar.