What is an Association Health Plan (AHP)?

Association Health Plans (AHPs) allow small businesses to band together by geography or industry to obtain healthcare coverage as if they were a single large employer. By joining together, the members of an AHP are better positioned to negotiate pricing and coverage options for their employees.

In other words, AHPs offer the opportunity for healthcare cost savings.

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Why should my bank go through WBA?

This unique opportunity is available only to those grouped together by geography or industry. WBA represents the banking industry and offers an easy way for your business to take advantage of an AHP.

Under this exclusive healthcare alliance, you will experience:

Get the purchasing power that comes from being part of a larger group.

Choose from up to 28 competitively priced plan options for maximum flexibility.

This is only available to WBA members through our subsidiary, WBA Employee Benefits Corp. (EBC), which has over 35 years of trusted service.

Easy to switch
Minimal census data is required to register, unlike in many other plans.

WBA’s AHP plans include both HSA and HRA options so you can customize your bank’s offerings.

This is open to bank employees who are not Wisconsin residents.

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