Association Update: Enhancing Member Engagement

Reimagining member experience in changing times.

At WBA, a constantly evolving objective is to enhance the experience we provide our membership. As an association that is focused on being member-led, we welcome our bankers to participate in the various opportunities WBA has to offer, whether this be for the purpose of peer-to-peer engagement or volunteerism on behalf of the industry. I am proud that many bankers continued finding ways to engage with the industry since the onset of March 2020, and I anticipate the new ways we will enhance these opportunities as we progress further into the optimistic half of 2021.

The benefit that many have told me they personally missed the most this past year was the ability to meet with their peers at WBA’s events and conferences. This is where connections form, ideas grow, and people realize the actual depth of the industry. To read about the 21,000 member employees on paper is one thing – seeing connections made between these people is something many have come to know as an entirely different story.

Just a few of these advantageous opportunities that have shifted back to this peer-to-peer association include WBA Connect (a new program for bankers to connect with members in various bank positions), the Building Our Leaders of Tomorrow (BOLT) Summit, and our CEOnly and CFOnly Network for idea sharing among Wisconsin bank CEOs and CFOs. Those who are Board members of committees will also once again have the opportunity to convene with fellow bankers in person at the WBA headquarters in Madison.

As we ease into a new chapter of WBA’s history, we are excited to make this important membership value even more prevalent through options such as increased hybrid events and education. The ability to choose between an in-person or virtual experience while still having multiple ways to connect with your peers allows for a level of engagement that is hard to remember a time without. The in-person events are certain to be a breath of fresh air, and many virtual options will offer the option to invite several members of your bank. For many upcoming events, deciding which route to take will ultimately depend on what works best for you and your colleagues. Looking at a long list of conferences, classes, and outings, we hope to see you there, in person or onscreen, engaging with the association in new and exciting ways.

Lund is WBA executive vice president – chief of staff and president of EBC and MBIS.

By, Ally Bates