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Bank of Mauston Donates to Guardians of Lake Decorah

Standing left to right are: JK Walsh, BOM vice president; Molly Scully, BOM vice president; Mike Lindert, BOM president and CEO; and GOLD Representatives Randy Reeg, city administrator; Tonya Petrick; and Jordan Wilke.

Bank of Mauston was proud to donate $10,000.00 to Guardians of Lake Decorah (“GOLD”) for the purchase of an Eco Harvester. GOLD is a non-profit lake association working towards improving water quality in Lake Decorah in Mauston. The purchase of the weed harvesting machine will help provide immediate water quality benefits while still working towards long-term solutions.

According to Michael Lindert, Bank of Mauston president and CEO, “Lake Decorah is a wonderful and important natural resource. Bringing it back to a healthy state will make a real positive impact in the entire Juneau County area. We appreciate the ability to partner with local organizations.”