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At Bank of Sun Prairie, our vision is to solidify our position across all generational demographics as the most highly trusted, respected, and recommended full-service bank in the communities we serve. As such, we continue our legacy of customer service dating back to 1897 by upholding the our mission statement each day: to become the trusted advisor for families, businesses, and the community offering a complete range of financial services. The bank’s tailored customer centric approach enables flexibility and solutions that position its clients for success not only today but every day in the future.

The Senior Vice President – Director of Operations is responsible for the overall operational functions of the bank. Responsibilities of this position shall ensure that the day-to-day operational and administrative functions for the bank are completed timely and accurately. This position oversees deposit and loan operations, loan processing, bank software and its optimization, process efficiency, and manages our ATM network. They provide visionary leadership to all colleagues within the division, they develop and implement the strategic objectives for the vision, and they share responsibility of the bank wide technology plan along with the executive leadership of IT. In addition, this position is charged with making recommendations on such items as utilization of core technology, utilization of ancillary technology, information security, operating policies and procedures. The Senior Vice President – Director of Operations is responsible for improving bank efficiency through process evaluations, ensuring maximization of all existing technology, and staying informed of all new and upcoming FinTech services offered from UFS, Fiserv, Encompass, and all other applicable providers. Must ensure staff has access to the necessary training to best understand and utilize our internal technology and systems, as well as the banking technology we offer to our customers.

This position guides the evaluation of new online product and service offerings in order to weigh risk, customer satisfaction, customer demand, and customer information security. They have responsibility for audits and exams of the above-mentioned operational departments. They will collaborate with colleagues to develop and implement Board approved strategic initiatives to ensure long-term results and addresses other strategic issues. The Senior Vice President – Director of Operations will be an active member of several committees as assigned.



  • Adaptability:
    • Able to adjust quickly to different work situations; remain composed under pressure and in stressful situations.
  • Attention to Detail:
    • Regard for important details to assure accuracy in every transaction performed; detect errors; follow through on
      corrections and details.
  • Change Management:
    • Must embrace change and see change as opportunity. Must be willing to express and support management’s ideas to affected
  • Decision Making Skills:
    • Must be able to make knowledgeable, well-thought, time-sensitive, decisions for the best of both the bank and our
  • Customer Orientation:
    • Respond sensitively to the needs and priorities of the customer; recognize and take appropriate action to meet their needs;
      establish an effective working relationship with customers to gain their respect and loyalty.
  • Oral/Written Communication:
    • The ability to express thoughts and ideas in a clear and concise manner, both orally and in written form to a variety of
      audiences and to all levels of staff.
  • Professionalism:
    • Project a positive image of the bank to all internal and external customers.
  • Time Management:
    • Ability to effectively manage one’s time to complete work according to established deadlines. The ability to prioritize tasks
      to make the best use of time for high priority tasks.
  • Team Player:
    • Must view oneself as part of an overall team. This includes supporting others throughout the entire bank to achieve the
      overall goals of the bank.


  • Bachelor’s degree in finance or other related field preferred.
  • 10 years of Bank Operations experience
  • 5 Years of Project Management Experience
  • Departmental Supervisory Experience required

Interested applicants may visit bankofsunprairie.com/employment-opportunities to apply.

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