Bankers Prove the Power of Community in April

Bankers Prove the Power of Community in April
Wisconsin Bankers Association Wraps Up Annual Power of Community Campaign

Communities across Wisconsin received a little more TLC than usual in April: over 2,400 bankers spent more than 2,700 hours volunteering as part of the second annual Wisconsin Bankers Association’s Power of Community campaign. While Wisconsin’s banks are active in their communities year-round, WBA created this campaign as a way to demonstrate in a concentrated time period all the support banks routinely provide to their communities as part of day-to-day business.

“Bankers are proud of their communities and their role in helping families grow and businesses prosper,” said Rose Oswald Poels, WBA president/CEO. “This was simply a way of showcasing the community service efforts of Wisconsin’s banks.”

“It was exciting to coordinate the usual service efforts of these bankers into one concentrated timeframe to really highlight everything happening across the state,” she added.

Launched by the WBA, the Power of Community campaign is a way for banks to celebrate the communities they serve, whether it's volunteering at a local non-profit, fundraising for a charitable organization, using a bank office to collect items to be shared with a local aid group, or participating in National Teach Children to Save Day. 

An interactive map is available at where you can view which banks participated, what their activities were, and the location of the participating branches. 

Throughout the campaign, banks used #BanksPowerWI on social media channels during their events across Wisconsin. 

By, Eric Skrum