BOLT Blog: Debi Bartel Shares Her BOLT Story

BOLT. Building Our Leaders of Tomorrow. Since I’m already in a leadership role today, I’ve thought a lot about why I enjoy being a part of this group.  

We all know that we never stop learning & growing. Or at least we should never stop! Every one of us can always keep improving, and learn how to be better leaders, coworkers, mentors, and human beings. And what better way than in an environment with other bankers, who are also striving to improve or develop their own style of leadership? It’s exciting to meet people who have that self-improvement mentality and goal in common! It’s especially exciting when they’re in the same field – we can learn so much from each other! And if somewhere along the way, I can help someone else learn and grown from my experiences – that’s even better!  

Being a Human Resources leader, it’s imperative that I help our own employees grow into leaders. Introducing these employees to BOLT gives me a great way to help these future leaders meet others and develop their own networks, learn about new leadership techniques and concepts, and get to know them better and coach them here at our own workplace. If we can help develop our own employees into leadership roles, we’re just doing the right thing by everyone.  

BOLT works hard to keep attendance costs minimal, so it’s more attractive to everyone. We’re very aware of the demands at work, and how time spent away from our jobs can deter us all from attending events. However, it’s so important to try to maximize the benefits you’ll receive when attending a BOLT Summit or networking event – and all at the lowest cost possible. All the way around, BOLT is an attractive option for our Bankers!  

I hope to see you at the next BOLT Summit – June 11-12, 2020 at the Kalahari Convention Center in Wisconsin Dells! 

Debi Bartel is VP, human resources director at First State Bank in New London and serves on the WBA BOLT Board of Directors.

By, Lori Kalscheuer