Community Advocate of the Month: Kevin Anderson

The following is a brief interview between WBA President and CEO Rose Oswald Poels and Old National Bank, Market President and Commercial Banking President, Kevin L. Anderson

Rose: How did you first get into the banking industry?

Kevin: My career began in Cincinnati through the management training program with a financial institution that is now US Bank. I was recommended for the job by my Business Law professor while studying Finance & Econ at the University of Kentucky. The year-long training program was focused on understanding the key aspects of Consumer, Commercial and Private Banking. Throughout my career, I have been fortunate to have mentors help guide me and open doors.

What is your favorite aspect of your role at your bank?

The ability to make a tangible impact on the local economies of the markets we serve. Banking through the use of capital and community investments can be a true force for good in helping local business grow and strengthen families across a wide demographic.

What do you wish the general public understood about the banking industry?

That the people who work for the bank care deeply about the customers and communities they serve. Our team members see their neighbors and friends come in our offices every week and to a person we always want the best possible for the people we work with daily.
Where do you believe the industry’s greatest challenges are in the next 3-5 years?

Candidly there are many challenges as the pace of business and consumer expectations accelerate. I believe the greatest challenges are:

  1. Further adoption and implementation of digital banking tools. 
  2. Ensuring our products and services are readily available to all sectors of the community.
  3. Maintaining strength and stability in a continuing low rate environment.

Please describe your current role at your bank and share with us one of your more rewarding experiences.

My current role is leading our Commercial Banking (mid-market) Segment across the five-state footprint as well as Market President for our Milwaukee Region. It is the best of both worlds, as I stay engaged with the local Milwaukee community while impacting what is happening company-wide. At Old National, many company and business-line executives live and contribute from the various regions, and I believe this uniquely helps keep the corporate office connected to what is happening in the markets.

When I think of strong communities, I think of homeownership. A truly rewarding experience for me personally was actually a string of experiences culminating in a home dedication. ONB partners with Habitat for Humanity of Dane County. We have an extra special partnership in Madison where we not only help with homes, financial counseling, and financial support, but we actually are sponsoring an entire neighborhood on the North Side called Tennyson Ridge. I, along with a number of my colleagues helped with a large-scale panel build as well as onsite in the neighborhood. So, we helped build one of the houses and were there to hand the keys over to the homeowner. The work the homeowners put in to make their dream of owning a home are simply inspiring and it was a privilege to participate with Brittany and her family on their journey. 

By, Ally Bates