2017-2018 Financial Literacy Forms

Help spread the word about personal finance by reporting your efforts to promote financial literacy, whether it's through presentations, bank tours, or other community outreach events. Submitting this data helps WBA and the Wisconsin Bankers Foundation track and celebrate your efforts to promote financial literacy in your community.

Presentation Summary Form

Bankers can now submit their Presentation Summaries through a fillable Adobe PDF. The PDF can be downloaded and resubmitted, or you can bookmark the link and submit online for each presentation. These forms are used to help track the number of presentations give, as well as gauge the average audience size and demographics. 

Instead of submitting single forms, bankers responsible for tracking many different presentations may opt to fill out this convenient spreadsheet template. The full template can then be submitted by May 31, 2018 in place of any individual forms.

Bank Awards & Innovation Award

The Bank Award recognizes an institution's dedication to promoting financial education in the communities it serves. Any WBA member financial institution may apply for the award, with one plaque awarded per charter. Please note: Individual branch offices should be included in the bank application.

The Innovation in Financial Education Award recognizes a bank or individual banker who has contributed a new or innovative approach to financial education, or has exhibited exemplary dedication to expanding financial education in their community.

Download the Bank and Innovation Award Application

Application PDF