Consumers’ money-related questions change throughout their lifetime. What’s a good credit score? How do car loans work? Have I saved enough for retirement? What doesn’t change is the need for clear, trustworthy resources to help answer those questions. The difference between knowing what to do and not knowing can be, well… a lot of money. Where can consumers go to find the answers they need? will help consumers understand money and make better financial decisions by bringing valuable financial education opportunities from trusted organizations together in one easy-to-navigate web portal. On consumers will find resources that are not only relevant to their level of money knowledge but to the decisions they make every day.

To help consumers find the right resources, we’ve defined three stages of financial education for a wide range of financial needs.

  1. Financial Literacy is the basic understanding of a money-related concept.
  2. Financial Fluency is the ability to comfortably apply that concept in real life.
  3. Financial Mastery is the ability to create value from our knowledge.

MyMazuma connects consumers with people and organizations who can answer their money questions. The easy-to-navigate portal also allows them to map their personal needs and search for offerings tailored to the subject and sophistication level they want. Descriptions, peer reviews, and ratings will help them determine which resources are right for their needs.

We hope you will help MyMazuma become the premier online resource for Financial Education.