2020 Reading Raises Interest Kits

The Wisconsin Bankers Foundation (WBF) provides these free, easy-to-use kits each year for WBA member banks to use in conjunction with Teach Children To Save Day

This year's kit features the book It's a Habit, Sammy Rabit by Sam Renick. In the story, Sammy Rabbit learns a huge secret from his Auntie Squirly that can help him rescue his family, but he will have to practice a new habit of saving for the future. Will Sammy learn this great habit quickly enough to rescue his family?

Questions? Please contact Amber Seitz at 608-441-1237 or via email.

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Reading Raises Interest Kit Archive

The lesson plans and activities from previous Reading Raises Interest Kits are also available for WBA members to download and use in classroom presentations throughout the year. Click from the menu to select and download a lesson plan PDF.