National Teach Children to Save Day is April 22, 2021

National Teach Children to Save Day (TCTS) was established to spotlight the importance of teaching our nation’s youth about saving money. This event occurs every April when bankers make presentations to students in grades K-12 about budgeting, saving, recognizing needs and wants and how interest makes money grow.

The pandemic resulted in many bankers coming up with creative ways to advocate for the importance of financial literacy. Donations were made to schools and libraries, audio and video recordings of bankers reading books on financial literacy were produced, and bankers once again let their innovation shine. Throughout the month, bankers, legislators, teachers, and others worked to spread the word about saving, budgeting, and financial skills to Wisconsin youth.

This commitment to financial education didn’t go unnoticed – these efforts generated positive publicity in communities statewide, helped bankers form partnerships with local teachers and librarians, and earned Wisconsin national recognition.

Coronavirus Changes

With school closures in effect throughout the state, the Wisconsin Bankers Foundation (WBF) encourages all WBA member banks to contact their local schools to see how they would prefer to hold the event this year. Some schools may delay classroom visits until later in the school year or for summer school classes (which will still “count” as Teach Children to Save Day presentations). Banks can also choose to donate the reading and activity books to the school as an additional resource (the WBF is distributing free books to member banks as part of the Reading Raises Interest kits). Instead of visiting classrooms, banks could also distribute kid-friendly savings brochures via the drive-through or offer online “virtual” bank tours.

Wisconsin Resources

The next annual Teach Children to Save Day is April 22, 2021. To help volunteer bankers with their presentations, the Wisconsin Bankers Foundation is distributing a free Reading Raises Interest kit to WBA member banks across the state. The kits contain a book and cover letter, with additional resources available for digital download.

Learn more about the kits and order one to use at your branch by clicking “Reading Raises Interest Kits” on the left side of this page or by clicking the link above.

National Resources

The ABA Foundation organizes banker volunteers throughout the year to help young people develop a savings habit early in life. Register your bank to participate and receive access to a wide variety of free Teach Children to Save resources. New this year is a set of presentations designed to encourage young people to consider a career in banking. Click here to learn more and to register your bank!