Power of Community Week - Still on for 2020!

What is the Wisconsin Bankers Association Power of Community?

During the month of April 2020, the Third Annual Wisconsin Bankers Association Power of Community campaign will bring together our member banks and associate member companies to celebrate your commitment to the communities you serve. During the campaign, we encourage all participants to engage in one or more community service activities.

And your communities need you now, more than ever.

The COVID-19 pandemic is devastating the economy as restaurants, schools, churches, etc. close to slow the spread of the virus. Every community has individuals, families, and businesses that are suffering. Banks are in a position to help. As you adjust your plans for community engagement for April, consider some of the suggestions below as alternative, social distancing-friendly activities.

WBA invites all members to participate in this effort to highlight how much Wisconsin's banking industry supports the communities in our state.

Need some ideas?

There's no limit on how you choose to engage with your community during the campaign, but if you're scratching your head, click the link to see some of the great work done last year! See last year's campaign!

2020 Participating Banks

Consider some of these social distancing-friendly ideas:

  • Collect monetary donations for a non-profit (Meals on Wheels, local food pantry, etc.)
  • Write “thinking of you” cards for residents of a local senior center to cheer them up during the visitation ban.
  • Donate money for NOW Meals (Nutrition on Weekend) - Check with your local school district(s) to see how they’re assisting students during school closures.
  • Support local restaurants – Buy gift cards for staff incentives or order take-out for an all-staff lunch.
  • Organize a “buy local, shop online” campaign in your community (social media is a great tool for this!).
  • Have a company blood donation drive or incentivize staff to donate blood (offer local restaurant and business gift cards for double the impact!).
  • Decorate your drive-through – If your lobby is closed, decorate the drive-through area as a way to cheer up your customers.
  • Participate in Teach Children to Save Day! See examples at www.wisbank.com/ReadingRaisesInterestKits.

Morale-Boosters for Staff:

  • Decorate your drive-ups with sidewalk chalk.
  • Buy lunch for staff (BONUS if it's from a local restaurant and/or bank customer). This could be every day or once per week. Up to you!
  • Have staff send in selfies of their workspace, whether they are in a branch or working from home. Then create a fun collage of all the pictures.
  • Jeans days, every day!
  • Send out a daily communication with a positive, inspriting, or fun message. This could be funny stories from someone working from home or a humorous "Top 10" list.
  • Have employees take a survey each week about themselves (favorite books, movies, blogs, etc.). Then reveal the "top 5" from that list and put out a new survey based on those answers.
  • Create a private employee Facebook page... It's fun getting to know your coworkers better!
  • Encourage virtual happy hours or coffee breaks for departments using video conferencing software (WebEx, Zoom, Google Hangouts, etc.).

Know what you want to do? 

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Why should my organization get involved?

We know how much time, effort, and resources you dedicate to strengthening your community... but many others do not. This state-wide, week-long campaign is the perfect opportunity to show the world the tangible ways in which Wisconsin's banking industry empowers the communities it serves, whether it's volunteering at a local non-profit, fundraising for a charitable organization, using your office to collect items to be shared with a local group (i.e. collecting non-perishable or hygiene goods for a local group), or participating in National Teach Children to Save Day.

During the campaign and continuing after it ends, WBA will highlight your hard work through social and print media to show the collective impact of Wisconsin's banking industry.

Each registered bank will receive recognition on this webpage and in future promotions and articles relating to the campaign.