DHS Data Match Update

WBA continues to monitor the implementation of the Wisconsin Department of Health Services (DHS) updated Medicaid Asset Verification Data Matching program (AVS). In July 2017, DHS informed WBA that AVS was being temporarily suspended due to the expiration of the contract between DHS and its data match vendor Health Management Systems Inc. DHS has selected a new vendor, Accuity Asset Verification Services, and sent out a letter with more information Monday, April 9, 2018.

Accuity Asset Verification Services sent emails to Wisconsin financial institutions on Friday, April 27. These emails are valid, and part of the AVS implementation process. WBA has since spoken with DHS and learned that these emails went to previous contacts Accuity Asset Verification Services had with each individual financial institution. As a result, the email may have been missed. 

DHS is implementing AVS next month, and Accuity Asset Verification Services will follow up with another email next month to correspond with the implementation. If a financial institution has not received the April 27 email, WBA recommends reaching out directly to avs.support@accuity.com or 855-807-9822. DHS has also informed WBA that financial institutions may contact Autumn Arnold at Autumn.Arnold@dhs.wisconsin.gov.

By, Eric Skrum