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First American Capital Corporation, Inc.

The First American Capital Corporation, Inc. (FACC) is certified Native Community Development Financial Institution (NCDFI) since 2004 and a SBA Microloan Program Intermediary since 2007. The FACC has an approved statewide service area including 72 counties and all 11 federally recognized Tribal Nations located in Wisconsin. The mission of First American Capital Corporation (FACC) is to perform economic development activities that benefit Wisconsin’s Indian Country by increasing access to capital in the form of business loans, providing technical assistance services that strengthen the skills of entrepreneurs, and by advocating for Native owned businesses to create new business opportunities - both on and off the reservations.

FACC serves the following customer groups:
1. Native American - owned businesses located in Wisconsin, both on and off the reservations, including specialization in lending to specific market segments such as trucking, construction & trades, and logging.
2. Tribal-owned, non-gaming, business enterprises.
3. Other minority-owned enterprises (e.g., specific to respective funding source requirements).
4. Individuals and businesses eligible to participate in the SBA Microloan program.

Contact: Gary Mejchar

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10710 West Scharles Ave., Hales Corners, WI 53130
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