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interface ai, Inc.

At, we are working towards “Empowering every financial institution on the planet to efficiently help their customers to achieve financial wellness”.’s platform is designed to provide intelligent automated assistants to prospects, customers, and employees of the brand throughout the life-cycle both reactively and proactively in about 119+ languages over voice and text. will continue to invest in building products and capabilities that align and achieve the following four goals of financial institutions:

  1. Save on customer service costs through automation.
  2. Grow with upselling/cross-sell and successfully converting prospects.
  3. Retain clients by recognizing loyalty and creating personalized journeys.
  4. Delight customers with omnichannel & intelligent experiences.

Contact: Srinivas Njay

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340, Lemon Avenue #1548, Walnut, CA, 91789, United States
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