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Driving Our Industry Forward Through Engagement

Triangle Background

By Daniel J. Peterson

For 130 years, the Wisconsin Bankers Association (WBA) has led bankers in their efforts to deepen their knowledge and connect with their communities. This intense focus and commitment to Wisconsin bankers has allowed the organization to serve as a pillar for all things banking — such as education and advocacy.

While the Association only continues to grow, serving 98 percent of the banks in the state — over 35,000 bankers total — the pandemic halted many of the ways in which bankers connected with their peers and community members.

As WBA events, and life in general, more closely resemble the state of normalcy we last knew in early 2020, I encourage WBA-member banks to take this year to further deepen your engagement with the Association and ultimately make the most of your membership.

Whether it be taking part in events such as the Building Our Leaders of Tomorrow (BOLT) Summits, any of the nearly 900 educational opportunities offered each year, volunteering in WBA’s Advocacy Officer program, or one of the many committees — there is something of interest for every member, at every level of your bank.

WBA also offers several resources for bankers, including the newly remodeled Engagement Center located at the WBA office in Madison. This space includes state-of-the-art technology and ample room for banks to lead planning sessions, hold hybrid or in-person meetings, or designate a quiet area to work. Additionally, the Engagement Center annually hosts hundreds of bankers from around the state for training sessions, seminars, and schools.

WBA’s role in fostering the growth of the banking industry in Wisconsin is critical and unlike many other opportunities offered elsewhere. Your engagement in WBA’s efforts assists the organization in staying relevant and helps provide the highest quality resources and information to every member.

As I look to the year ahead, I am excited to discover all the new ways WBA members will create deeper connections with their peers and the banking industry. Not only do WBA programs provide benefits for banking leaders and their teams, but as trusted advisors and leaders in our communities, we have a unique opportunity to share our financial expertise with public officials and neighbors. Bankers throughout the state serve as the most important spokespeople for our industry.

By increasing engagement, not only do our teams benefit from education and networking opportunities, WBA is able to better understand how to best serve Wisconsin bankers. I am repeatedly reminded that WBA is our association. Now’s the time for bankers around the state to take advantage of the multitude of ways in which to engage for the benefit of shaping professional growth, developing connections, and shaping our industry as a whole.

Peterson is president and CEO of The Stephenson National Bank & Trust, Marinette, and the 2022–2023 WBA Chair.