Member Webinar: Creating a Culture Where Everyone Feels They Belong

Presented virtually on Tuesday, June 14, 2022, from 1:00 – 2:15 p.m. CT.

To build a culture of belonging and reap the many benefits for your staff and company as a whole, we must first have a clear understanding of what it means to belong at work. During this webinar, Kelly will share the four components necessary to create psychologically safe environments where everyone feels they belong. Key concepts and definitions will also be discussed with a focus on the lenses different people will have based on their lived experiences, including a look at the values of the different generations in the workplace and how they can impact our critical conversations.

Speaker: Alonzo Kelly, Strategic Leadership Partner and Executive Coach

Registration is complimentary for our member bankers and WBA Associate Members!

While there is no registration fee for this complimentary member webinar, we do ask that members register one attendee for each planned webinar connection, to assist with our planning and to ensure sufficient webinar capacity.

Pre-Webinar “Homework”

To best prepare for the webinar and to be ready to participate and engage in critical thinking exercises, Alonzo Kelly has prepared a pre-session video for attendees to watch. During the 9 minute video, Kelly will challenge attendees to think about various concepts and their meaning, as well as reflect on multi-generational workforces.

Watch the pre-webinar video online at: