Business Writing Boot Camp, Including Critique of Your Own Writing Sample

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Write much? This session is essential for anyone who writes on the job, from entry-level staff corresponding with account holders, to managers being groomed for leadership, to C-level executives communicating with decision-makers. If you rely on email and traditional business documents to communicate, you cannot afford to miss out on the unique bonus that comes with this session!

Whether you are composing formal business documents, emails, or social media posts, the goal is to write with as much power, precision, and persuasion as possible. Scrambled sentences, grammar goofs, punctuation problems, and stylistic slipups undercut professionalism and credibility. Effective business writing is key to career advancement and organizational success. In the quest to command readers’ attention, documents that communicate clearly and convey competence always come out on top.  

Don’t let ineffective writing muddle your messages, confuse your colleagues, or derail your career. Designed for those who seek real and immediate improvement in their business writing, this entertaining, instructional program delivers. A must for anyone who writes on the job, this webinar is an investment in your career and your financial institution’s assets, reputation, and future.

Bonus: Within two weeks after viewing the live or recorded webinar, each participant may submit one brief writing sample (five pages maximum) to writing coach Nancy Flynn for professional review, critique, and comments. This is a one-of-a-kind opportunity to receive individual guidance from a leading writing instructor!  


  • Write with purpose, creating strategic, on-target business documents and email
  • Compose with precision, using appropriate tone and language, correct grammar, and effective style
  • Communicate powerfully and persuasively with internal and external readers
  • Deliver complex information clearly
  • Respond to challenging questions effectively
  • Employ plain English that any reader – regardless of experience, expertise, or education – can understand 
  • Use a clear, convincing, conversational voice
  • Write for results, persuading even the most difficult readers to act


  • Tip Sheet: Great Grammar in Seven Steps
  • Whitepaper: Use Pronouns to Support Diversity & Inclusion
  • Professional review and critique of your own writing sample
  • Employee training log 
  • Interactive quiz

This informative session is essential for anyone who writes on the job, from entry-level staff to C-level executives. It will benefit marketing professionals, content managers, social media directors, brand managers, loan managers, relationship managers, branch managers, and executives.

ABOUT THE PRESENTER – â€‹Nancy Flynn, Business Writing Institute™, The ePolicy Institute™ & Marijuana Policy Institute™ 
Founder of Nancy Flynn Public Relations, Inc. and its Business Writing Institute, ePolicy Institute, and Marijuana Policy Institute divisions, Nancy Flynn is a recognized expert in traditional and electronic communications. The author of 13 books published in six languages, her titles include Writing Effective E-Mail, The ePolicy Toolkit, and The Social Media Handbook. An in-demand writers’ trainer, she helps financial institutions, corporations, and government agencies worldwide improve their writing skills. An authority on e-policy and compliance, she is an expert witness in litigation. A go-to media source, she often is in the news. Nancy Flynn has served as an adjunct faculty member at The Ohio State University, teaching business and technical writing.


  • Live Webinar - $245
  • Recorded Webinar and Digital Download - $245 plus tax
  • Live Webinar, Recorded Webinar and Digital Download - $320 plus tax

$245 Wednesday, July 7, 2021 2:00 PM Register