Communicating with Executives

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Program Content:
It's not often that we get the eyes and ears of executives. And when we do, the experience can be intimidating. Their drive, curiosity, and commitment—all impressive qualities that helped them win their titles—demand that we approach them with purpose and focus. Yet we often fail to consider what executives don’t have, besides the obvious time to burn: They certainly are not telepathic and surely not infallible. Herein lies our source or power to communicate like executives ourselves when the opportunity strikes. They want our well-grounded concepts to transform into actionable ideas that can move the business forward.

Communicating with Executives offers a structured look at executive-level concerns, needs, and objectives to ensure you address them clearly and purposefully. You will get insights in what to give executives when interacting with them in any communication mode—and how to respond when they approach you. This webinar also includes key points to consider when adapting to different executive styles and identifying techniques best suited for effective conversations.

Covered Topics:

  • Identify executive-level concerns and objectives to ensure focused communication
  • Recognize strategies for hitting the high points in executive communication
  • Adapt communication styles best suited for effective conversations

Who Should Attend:
This webinar is for beginning and seasoned business professionals who are developing or refreshing their communication skills tailored to executive audiences. 

Philip Vassallo, Ed.D., has designed, delivered, and supervised communication training programs for more than 25,000 executive, managerial, supervisory, administrative, and technical professionals internationally over the past three decades. He is the author of the books How to Write Fast Under Pressure, The Art of E-mail Writing, and The Art of On-the-Job Writing. He has edited major reports for Fortune 500 companies, the U.S. government, and the City of New York. He also writes the popular blog Words on the Line, which offers practical tips for developing writers. Dr. Vassallo has taught internationally, recently as a faculty member of the Beijing International MBA program.

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$265 Tuesday, October 1, 2019 1:30 PM Register