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The Mortgage Origination Compliance Process Beginning to Audit and Back Again

In Fall 2018, we solicited suggestions regarding areas in which compliance officers were struggling. We received many responses. While a variety of subjects were offered, managing the compliance process was a recurring theme. We have chosen to present this material within the context of mortgage loans.

Based on 2017 HMDA data, traditional financial institutions originate less than 50% of the mortgages made in the United States. This, combined with general market pressures, has often resulted in management either creating incentives for lenders, or considering other approaches to increase market penetration. But even if your bank is not implementing or considering these approaches,
the concepts presented will be useful to you.

We will begin with the underlying requirements for incentivized mortgage programs, based in part on the new “Loan Originator Rule: Small Entity Compliance Guide” that was released by the Bureau of Consumer Financial Protection in November 2018. But we will go beyond just the recitation of the rules and regulations. We will review how to create a mortgage compliance management program and detail the impacts it can have on your bank, whether you have an incentive program or not.

All compliance issues begin with risk assessment – then using the risk assessment as the basis for managing the entire process – policy, procedure, the compliance officer role in the process, compliance monitoring within the lending function, and finally audit schedules, whether audit is external or internal. Of course, audit results impact your risk assessment, so the compliance “circle” is ongoing. Only with all these features can an institution have a fully integrated mortgage compliance program.

The subjects for the regulatory update will be determined by circumstances and releases from the various agencies.

Wisconsin Bankers Association is pleased to once again sponsor the annual Community Bankers for Compliance Program (CBC). Presented by Young & Associates, Inc., the CBC Program continues to be the longest running compliance training program in the country. 

The CBC Program will allow your bank to stay up-to-date on the ever-changing bank regulations, and will give guidance for structuring and maintaining your in-bank compliance program. Bankers who are responsible for regulatory compliance can discuss issues and exchange ideas with other community bankers. 

Membership to the CBC Program consists of the following: 

Quarterly Seminars: A compliance seminar is provided each quarter. The topic is selected based on the most recent industry and regulatory developments which may have an impact on community banks. Each person attending the program will receive a detailed manual, written in full narrative, that they can take back to the bank as a reference and training tool.

Monthly Newsletter: The Compliance Update newsletter is sent to program members each month. It provides an update of compliance issues that impact community banks. 

Compliance Hotline: Members of the program may call the Young & Associates’ toll-free number or visit their Web site on the Internet for compliance questions that arise on a daily basis. Young &Associates has many qualified compliance professionals available to answer your questions. This service ensures that your bank is just a phone call away from the information you need in order to answer your compliance questions.

CBC Members Only Web Page: This web page is reserved for banks that are registered members of the CBC Program. In it you will find timely information and tools provided by Young & Associates, Inc., that can be used to enhance the regulatory compliance function at your bank. 

Who Should Attend:

The focus of the CBC is on regulatory compliance. It is essential that your bank’s compliance officer attend. But because regulatory compliance should be approached from a team perspective, many banks find it beneficial to send additional employees to sessions on topics that relate directly to their positions in the bank. These employees typically come from the customer service, lending, or operations departments in the bank. To support this team effort, the CBC has been priced to enable your bank to send additional employees at a substantial savings.


CBC Basic Program Membership (Level 1):

  • $1,250 - First representative (4 sessions)
  • $400 - each additional representative (4 sessions) 
  • $125 - each additional representative (single session)

CBC Enhanced Program Membership (Level 2):

  • $800 - additional charge to your CBC Basic Program Membership

Individual CBC Seminar Session Fees:

  • $375 - 1st representative (single session)
  • $125 - each additional representative (single session)

Date/Location (Stevens Point):

Wednesday, January 23, 2019
4402 E Washington Avenue, Madison, WI

$1,250 Wednesday, January 23, 2019 9:00 AM Register