Completing the TRID Loan Estimate Line-by-Line

$245 Wednesday, June 10, 2020 2:00 PM Register

Is your institution due for a TRID checkup? Have you accounted for recent construction loan guidance? Attend this jam-packed webinar for a thorough review of best practices, examiner expectations, and information about the latest TRID-related developments.


  • Define loans covered by TRID rules
  • Distinguish between the loan purpose under TRID versus HMDA versus URLA
  • Explain when a revised Loan Estimate is necessary
  • Understand requirements for single-close and separate construction, and permanent phase closings for construction loans
  • Test your projected payment amounts and other calculations for accuracy

For some, complying with the integrated disclosure rules (TRID) has been much like planning for and raising children. We read all the books (regulations) and attended classes. We vetted the best systems and talked to peers to see what they were using. Then, on October 3, 2015, the rules went into effect, and just like with parenting, no one (systems providers, bankers, examiners) was really prepared. Fast-forward a few years and the TRID rules continue to grow and evolve with recent guidance for construction loans. Examiners are focusing on disclosures and processes to ensure you are providing accurate documents to applicants and borrowers. 

This session will review sample integrated disclosures for fixed rate, adjustable rate, and construction loans. It will cover the regulatory requirements, dive into the guidance, and review common errors when completing the Loan Estimate.


  • Sample changed circumstances form
  • TRID tolerance chart
  • Formulas to test TRID calculations
  • Employee training log
  • Interactive quiz

$245 Wednesday, June 10, 2020 2:00 PM Register