Dress Codes and Work Appearance - Spandex is a Privilege Not a Right

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What is "appropriate" work appearance? Do you have the right to tell employees what to wear? This has become a sometimes volatile issue. Employees wear messages in support of "social justice" issues such as "Black Live Matters" and others wear contrary views.  Opposing political message on buttons, hats, shirts, or COVID masks generate arguments, and complaints by customers. States are adopting "hair style discrimination" and "personal appearance rights" laws. The laws are changing, and increasing - FAST! How much can an employer dictate styles of dress, hair, perfume, or jewelry? When do company appearance rules become discriminatory or violate employees' legal rights? Employers are often shocked to find they have gone over the line. Sometimes that shock costs dearly in legal fees and damages. This webinar will cover the practical and legal issues of the current trends in workplace appearance and what you should and shouldn't do about them.

This serious subject is presented with humor and down-to-earth examples and advice by an attorney who has helped companies throughout the United States effectively address issues of an ever-changing workplace.

Covered Topics

  • What are an employer's rights to regulate employee appearance?
  • What is the legal foundation on dress codes regarding, health, safety, and an employer's right to determine what is "appropriate" appearance?
  • The legal problems concerning discrimination (sex, race, and national origin), religion, and privacy rights concerning appearance.
  • Can you allow employees to wear some social issues messaging yet ban other social issues messages?
  • "How to" properly address appearance issues from body odor, clothing, and hairstyle to piercings.
  • What is "good appearance?"
  • Creating dress code policies.

Who Should Attend?

Human Resource Professionals, CEOs, all Managers, and Board Members who set or approve policies.


Bob Gregg, Boardman & Clark Law Firm in Madison, Wisconsin, has been involved in employment relations for more than 30 years. He litigates employment cases, representing employers in employment contracts, discrimination cases, FLSA, FMLA, and all other areas of employment law. His main emphasis is helping employers achieve enhanced productivity, creating positive work environments, and resolving employment problems before they generate lawsuits. Bob has conducted over 3,000 seminars throughout the United States and authored numerous articles on practical employment issues. Bob is a member of the Society for Human Resource Management and the National Speakers Association. He is also a National Faculty Member of the American Association for Access, Equity, and Diversity and served on the Board of Directors for the Department of Defense Equal Opportunity Management Institute Foundation.

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