Every Manager Builds a Brand, What’s Yours?

Every Manager Builds a Brand, What’s Yours?

When you think about brand awareness, many companies that do it well come to mind. Apple, Target, Starbucks, and the like. Branding is what companies stand for and what they want to be remembered for. It’s reflected in the value proposition. A strong brand stands out in the crowd – ideally to create a better customer experience, reflect the values of the organization and to empower growth and profitability. Branding is about becoming intentional and accountable for impression management. Branding is synonymous with reputation.

But branding and reputation building aren’t just for organizations. Managers each have their own reputation. Their personal brand. Whether they worked on purpose to build one or not. In today’s increasingly competitive and changing work world, a manager needs to take stock of where they are with branding.

Join us for this engaging 90-minute webinar with a presenter that has a reputation for sparking attention and motivation. Honey Shelton CEO of SBS CyberSecurity will offer strategies on how to evaluate your present day personal brand plus how to develop the one you want to have. Become determined and intentional about building your own brand! This real-world webinar will explore brand building, brand disruptors, and interference with getting the brand you want.

How do you know the brand you have now?
How do you build a brand that brings out the best in you and your crew?
What are the best practices of highly effective managers?
How do you hold yourself and others accountable?
Is a strong brand based on popularity?
How do you become an effective manager without training/coaching?
Some people on my team are impossible to deal with, what options do I have?
Some managers excel at causing conflict, what’s the price you pay for that?
Some managers retreat to a bunker when there’s conflict, how’s that working?
Some managers work for a weak manager or a tyrant, what then?

Who Should Attend?
Anyone with responsibility for leading, supervising, and managing others. Anyone who grits their teeth or takes headache medicine over what to do when what you do doesn’t work.

Honey Shelton brings the best of both worlds to her speaking engagements. She has 30 plus years of experience as a training and quality improvement consultant for banks and banking associations across the country. Her substantial banking background includes spending three years as Executive Vice President/Chief Retail Banking Officer with a $1 billion south Texas bank.

Nationally recognized as an outstanding speaker and a pro at facilitating strategic planning, over a half million bankers have participated in programs Honey has presented. Her depth of knowledge, enthusiasm, and compelling personality left a lasting mark on InterAction Training, the firm she founded in 1983. She has carried those traits over to her current role as Chief Strategy Officer at SBS CyberSecurity where she will collaborate with key stakeholders to create strategies that ensure execution, quality and continued growth.

As a graduate of the School of Bank Marketing from the University of Colorado, she realizes the value of quality education. Honey invests time as a faculty member for banking schools around the country and is a repeat presenter for most of the state banking associations.

Honey specializes in helping others pursue professional excellence and is the author of numerous published articles and training manuals. Her first book, Coaching Yourself & Others is on track to be published spring, 2021.

In keeping with her personal pursuit of excellence Honey has obtained certification in Reality Therapy from the William Glasser Institute as well as certification from the Training and Development Program at Texas A&M.

Registration Options
“Live” Web connection – $265
6-month “OnDemand” website link only – $295
CD-ROM and e-materials only – $345
Live plus OnDemand website link – $365
Premier Package: Live, OnDemand link, and CD-ROM plus – $395


Nov 18 2021


10:00 am - 12:00 pm



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