GSB Developing Personal and Global Cash Flow from Tax Returns

$715 Tuesday, February 19, 2019 1:00 PM Register

Bankers underwrite loans primarily from tax returns, particularly at the community bank level. What reported income is actually cash flow? How can we properly assess a large capital gain (or loss)? What items on a Schedule K-1 involve cash inflows and outflows to our customer? How can we combine personal and business cash flow into a global cash flow? How will 2017 tax law changes affect tax returns starting in 2019?  Using case examples and worksheets, this seminar covers how to analyze personal tax returns to develop cash flow within a simple, logical and consistent framework. It provides the tools needed to reduce voluminous amounts of forms and schedules into a concise, relevant picture of cash flow, both for personal situations and where global cash flow is appropriate.

Participants will learn:

  • The limitations of personal financial statements and why more information is needed
  • Why personal tax returns can be difficult to analyze and how to target relevant information consistently
  • Using tax return data to validate assets and liabilities, plus uncover unreported liabilities
  • Understanding the spectrum of situations, how some income (or loss) does not involve cash, plus and linking types of income/cash flow to the primary tax return schedules
  • Cash flow approaches for self-employed and small business owners using sample worksheets and cases
  • How pass-through entities impact cash flow
  • Examples of capital gains (and losses) and how to extract the cash flow involved
  • The concept of global cash flow and its pros and cons plus analytical issues
  • Recent tax law changes and likely effect on customers’ tax returns

Target Audience: Branch managers, consumer lenders, mortgage bankers, private bankers, small business lenders, commercial lenders, credit analysts, loan review specialists, special assets officers, lending managers, and credit officers

Presenter: Richard Hamm, Advantage Consulting & Training

$715 Tuesday, February 19, 2019 1:00 PM Register