GSB Growing Long-Term Retail Deposits - Withdrawal-Only Deposit Accounts

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As “surge deposits” become a thing of the past bankers across the country are observing that more effective management of liquidity and funding are becoming an increasingly important part of success in banking. As interest rates and loan-to-deposit ratios increase community bankers need a robust understanding of the processes, products, and analytic tools needed to attract and retain properly-priced, long-term funding. These sessions present the art and science of retail deposit pricing and sales today.

Session 5 – Utilizing a new category of withdrawal-only deposit accounts to reduce attrition, minimize cannibalization, and grow properly-priced, long-term retail deposits. Learn how bankers have discovered they can give depositors the high yields and short commitments they are looking for as long as we do it via withdrawal-only accounts.

  • Deep dive on these hybrid offerings that blend features of time deposits and savings deposits to create better outcomes that possible with only the classic formulations of accounts
  • Explore what innovators have done and discovered as they have used these products for many years
  • Consider what the future evolution of these products might be as they minimize cannibalization and yet contribute energy to retain and attract profitable long-term retail deposits

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$225 Thursday, April 18, 2019 2:00 PM Register